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Do you have questions about the MBA programme we offer? First, take a look at the most frequent questions we receive from you.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Never! With us, everything from the application form to the delivery of diplomas is completely online. Thanks to this form of study we can also offer you a very competitive price.

Admission to study is without an entrance examination. We require a university degree for admission to the MBA programme. Alternatively, a high school diploma with a and experience in management or business (minimum 24 months). All teaching is conducted exclusively in English.

Our professional team of tutors is available to you at any time via our online learning system. As part of your MBA studies, you have unlimited free consultations with lecturers.

The average student will graduate from an MBA program in 10 months, the fastest ones will do it in 4 months. At OBEI, it’s all about you and your time. With individual online tuition, you can start studying at any time. The only condition is that you complete your studies within three years of starting.

Every student has access to the student section 24/7. Students must complete all degree programs to successfully complete their studies. Each module consists of 3 parts, a theoretical preparation, a test and a partial written work (2-8 pages). At the end of the study, a final written paper must be written and defended online (in the form of supplementary questions). You will then receive a diploma and be able to use the MBA title.

Anytime. Our study programs are completely personalized and completely online. So you can start your studies today.

We are accredited by the IACBS – International Accreditation Council for Business Studies. This institution is based in the USA and has a tradition since 1991. We are also proud holders of accreditation from ACBSS – Accreditation Commission for Business Schools and Studies. If you study with us, you can use your diploma all over the world. We are also members of AECT – Association for Educational Communications and Technology.

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CEO of OBEI - Tomas Forejtek, MBA

You can email me anytime at ceo@obei.org!

MBA Guarantors

Ing. Ondrej Marsik, MBA
Mgr. Jiří Pavlas
Dominika Dittmannova, MBA
Pavel Bartos, MBA
Mgr. Jan Soukup, MBA
Vojtech Nemec, DBA
Ing. Vaclav Fiala, CSc.
Ing. Kamil Kadlec, MBA
Patrik Vrabel, MBA
Ing. Bc. Radek Marik, LL.M.
Dr. Marian Takac, MBA
Michaela Hubinska, MBA
Lucia Konoradska, BBA
Barbora Galanova, BBA
Ing. Marek Hucik, MBA
Terezia Vlzakova, MBA, LL.M.
PaedDr. Mgr. Bc. Milan Janespal, BBA





Based on more than 300 reviews.
"I never thought I would be able to complete an MBA while working in a management position. Thanks to the online MBA at OBEI, I managed to do it in 9 months."
Claire M.
Production Manager
"What I liked most about the online MBA was that it was completely individual. I never had to meet any deadlines. The study has pushed me further in my career."
Emily K.
HR multinational corporations
"I've spent the last 20 years building a successful business and now I finally have enough time to devote to my studies. I have been choosing for over a year and I am very happy with my choice."
Lenka J.
Managing Director of LLC
"I graduated from OBEI with an MBA I can highly recommend it to everyone. The online form of education allowed me to devote myself to my family and my law practice even during my studies."
James E.
"I did an online MBA at OBEI. I have been running a chain of bakeries for more than 10 years. I always felt a lack of management education, which I supplemented at OBEI."
David H.
"I work in a private scientific institute. In my opinion, continuous education is very important. I did my MBA at OBEI and was very satisfied."
Emily J.
Scientific Officer
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