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CEO of OBEI - Tomas Forejtek, MBA

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MBA Guarantors

Mgr. Jiri Pavlas

Mgr. Jiri Pavlas has many years of experience in education and public administration, where he focuses on human resources management and public relations. He has been a school principal for ten years and deputy mayor of the municipality for twelve years. He is a lecturer at the National Institute for Education. He applies the experience gained as a guarantor of the equal opportunities section of the Local Action Plan for Education in the Sumperk Regional Municipality (Czech Republic), is an active member of the Chamber of Pedagogy and a consultant of the NIDV Prague for school organisations, where he improves strategic management and planning processes.


Ing. Ondrej Marsik, MBA

Ing. Ondrej Marsik MBA has been actively engaged in business since 2014, since the same year he has been teaching economic subjects at the Higher Vocational School of Economics. He is the co-owner and director of SOLAP s.r.o., which is the largest supplier of anhydrite floors in North Bohemia. He also owns and manages the design and advertising agency NZ Con-Real s.r.o. and as co-owner of MK SAFE WORK s.r.o. where he sells investment gold and silver to VIP clientele. I am also the chairman of the non-profit association OMNES z.s., the aim of the association is to educate citizens in the Ústí nad Labem region.

Dominika Dittmannova, MBA

Dominika Dittmannova, MBA is our graduate. She first studied at Brno University of Technology for 2 years, during her studies she decided to live abroad and graduated from our BBA program. Very quickly she managed to get a managerial position as HR Supervisor in a multinational company ASOS.com. She also tried a position in one of the biggest insurance companies in England. During her employment she completed her MBA at OBEI. Subsequently, in 2017 she obtained a position as Business Development Executive, at Spotless Hygiene Solution in New Zealand where she is responsible for B2B Sales.

Mgr. Jan Soukup, MBA

Mgr. Jan Soukup, MBA has extensive managerial experience in the private sector where he specializes mainly in HR. He has also gained experience in the implementation and certification of the ISO-TS standard. Currently, he provides consultancy – analysis of training needs, training and recruitment of employees in companies such as Koh-i-noor Praha or Jappi, s.r.o. Not to be forgotten is his long personal business experience within a recruitment agency he co-founded. In the past, he also held a managerial position in training and human resources development at TRW Carr.

Vojtech Nemec, DBA

Vojtech Nemec, DBA had been a paramedic for 14 years, but due to a serious illness he had to change his job. Instead of lamenting, he threw himself fully into the world of education and business. He is currently a lecturer at the faculty of the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice and has been since 2009. He has many years of experience in public administration, including as a city councillor in Český Krumlov. During his time in local politics he has pushed through many beneficial changes. Parallel to his work as a councillor, he is a successful entrepreneur. He also works as an independent business consultant. His main areas of expertise are management, HR, PR and financial management.

Ing. Vaclav Fiala, CSc.

Ing. Vaclav Fiala, CSc. is originally an electrical engineer and a candidate of chemical sciences. During his professional growth, he has authored more than fifty inventions and co-authored twelve more. This experience led him to study copyright and later administrative law. Recently, he has been intensively involved in the study of aviation law. He has co-authored several documents concerning the practical application of Act 49/1997 Coll. on Civil Aviation and the related implementing Decree 108/1997. He is also a translator of the British aviation regulation BCAR-T and a compiler of its Czech equivalent.

Bc. Aneta Nogawczykova, MBA

Bc. Aneta Nogawczykova, MBA has been working as a manager, organizational worker, consultant and lecturer at Kvalifikační a personální agentura o.p.s., Třinec since 2011. Her main activity is communication with target groups of European projects, career counselling, lecturing on modern trends and job placement for clients. Since 2016 it has also been cooperating with the Statutory City of Trinec. Her cooperation lies in the organizational and advisory activities of the Senior Citizens Club and she is also a member of the group for mathematical and financial literacy. For these services she deserves a big thank you. Her qualities and experience are more than perfect.

Michaela Hubinska, MBA

Michaela Hubinska, MBA in 2015 ended her maternity leave and was successfully recruited to SAP finance s.r.o., a market leader in foreign exchange trading, as an assistant to the regional director. In 2017, she was admitted to Tomas Bata University in Zlín, where she realised in the first year of her studies that the regular form of study was very unsuitable for her workload and so she joined OBEI, first starting her BBA and then continuing with her MBA. Michaela shows that it is possible to combine both career and motherhood. After completing her MBA she was promoted to Deputy Director of the department.

Terezia Vlzakova, MBA, LL.M.

Terezia Vlzakova, MBA, LL.M. works in management functions. What she values most about her MBA and LL.M. studies at OBEI is individuality. Despite her many years of management experience, she has learned a lot of new and useful information. Furthermore, she evaluated very positively the student system processing and the speed of communication.

PaedDr. Mgr. Bc. Milan Janespal, BBA

PaedDr. Mgr. Bc. Milan Janespal, BBA is a graduate of the Faculty of Education, where he managed to work his way up to the degree of PaedDr in the field of special education and pedagogy of the mentally disabled. He has completed dozens of professional courses at the University of Toronto (Canada), Universitat Autonoma de Barcelo (Spain), The State University of New York & University at Buffalo (USA). He has been teaching for more than 15 years and has experience in municipal administration.

Ing. Bc. Radek Marik, LL.M.

Ing. Bc. Radek Marik, LL.M. graduated from the Technical University of Liberec in mechatronics, the West Moravian University – applied informatics and the University of Finance and Administration – public administration. In CZ-E.NET company he was engaged in development management and in Mach3ner company in building optical network. Currently, he lectures professional subjects at high school and university. His specialisations include mainly IT, economics, EU law and mathematics.

Pavel Bartos, MBA

Pavel Bartos, MBA previously studied at the J.E. Purkyne University – UTRV and is currently studying at the University of Finance and Administration. In the past, he has worked extensively in programming. He also has experience in teaching IT subjects at high school. He also has extensive managerial experience as a development and business manager, technical director and general manager. He is currently a board member of a public limited company and a project manager in a technology company.

Ing. Kamil Kadlec, MBA, LL.M.

Ing. Kamil Kadlec, MBA graduated from the Technical University of Liberec and the MBA program at OBEI. He has held or continues to hold positions in supervisory and statutory bodies and managerial positions in a total of eight successful companies. His main specialization is project management.

Lucia Konoradska, BBA

Lucia Konoradska, BBA worked for 4 years as a recruiter, successfully started a branch and focused mainly on HR marketing. In 2015 she started studying marketing communication at the University of Economics in Nitra. She dropped out of her studies in the second year. She started studying BBA, got the position of a representative and is working on her own projects.

Patrik Vrabel, MBA

Patrik Vrabel, MBA has studied at the Technical University. In the past he has been fully engaged in sales and marketing. In 2015 he joined the renowned company AQT, which has been operating in Slovakia for more than 20 years. Gradually, he rose from the head of business development, to director and co-owner to the current owner and director.

Dr. Marian Takac, MBA

Dr. Marian Takac, MBA has completed his PhD at the University of Vienna and post-doctoral studies at the University of Oxford. He has been working for a reputable company for more than 10 years, where he is currently Vice President Sales and Business Development. He has previously held management positions in Germany.

Barbora Galanova, BBA

Barbora Galanova, BBA has studied in Denmark at the level of PBA (Professional Bachelor) in International Sales and Marketing Management, as well as AP Degree in Services and Tourism. She has work experience both in the insurance industry at Allianz and as a project manager at the multinational company Kantar.

Ing. Marek Hucik, MBA

Ing. Marek Hučík, MBA graduated in engineering from the University of Technology and Economics in České Budějovice. At the same school he also obtained the international logistics certificate EJLog. He is currently managing a very successful company PVK s.r.o. This company has been supplying materials for gas pipelines etc. for more than 20 years.

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