General Terms and Conditions of OBEI

General Terms and Conditions of OBEI, LLC

1. Introduction

  • This website is operated by OBEI LLC, located at 1611 E 2nd St, Casper, WY, USA.
  • OBEI LLC offers fully online MBA courses in collaboration with OBEI s.r.o., registered in the Czech Republic.

2. Course Administration and Diploma Awarding

  • MBA courses are administered by OBEI LLC.
  • Diplomas are awarded by OBEI s.r.o., under Czech legal regulations.

3. Pricing

  • Prices are contractual as listed on this website at the time of student application.

4. Registration and Enrollment

  • Registration is exclusively online through this website.
  • Eligibility: university degree or high school diploma with two years of management experience.

5. Language of Instruction

  • The course is conducted entirely in English.

6. Course Duration

  • Completion within 3 years from the start date.
  • Option to extend for an additional 3 years for USD 300.

7. Commitment of OBEI LLC

  • Providing a comprehensive online MBA course.
  • Facilitating the diploma awarding process with OBEI s.r.o.

8. Diploma Issuance

  • Issued by OBEI s.r.o. upon successful course completion.
  • Diplomas provided in digital form, printed version available for USD 100.

9. Study Process

  • Online learning system with study materials and tests.
  • Completion of all modules and final paper required.

10. Assessment and Grading

  • Assessment scale: 90%-100% (Very Good)
  • 70%-89% (Pass)
  • 0%-69% (Fail)

11. Lecturer Communication

  • Contact through the online system for study-related queries.
  • Typical response time within 48 hours.

12. Student Responsibilities

  • No refunds for withdrawal or non-attendance.
  • Obligation to pay full tuition.

13. Governing Law

  • All course-related matters governed by the laws of the Czech Republic.

14. Legal Compliance and Dispute Resolution

  • Compliance with Czech legal standards and regulations.
  • Disputes resolved under Czech jurisdiction.